We are a UNIQUE branding specialist that distributes your corporate branded products or services through the right channels. Our main objective is to create a unique and a differentiated presence in the market that attracts consumers to your product or services. In order to create a dynamic, living image of your company name in consumer’s mind we continuously add value to your company through our range of marketing and PR services extended by our cheap promotional gifts such as printed pens, marrow mugs or promotional key rings, through to high quality executive promotional items.

Branded promotional items have never been this fun!



Your logo and message will be placed on your preferred product and a PDF will be sent, showing you exactly how the finished image will appear on your article of promotional merchandise.

The image sizes vary depending on products (a pen has a much smaller image area than a shirt or umbrella) and the use of a PDF is important for you, the customer, to see whether that promotional gift accurately represents the message you wish to project for your company or event.

For your product specifications follow our art guidelines.