Artwork Guidelines


Your logo and message will be placed on your preferred product and a PDF will be sent, showing you exactly how the finished image will appear on your article of promotional merchandise.

The image sizes vary depending on products (a pen has a much smaller image area than a shirt or umbrella) and the use of a PDF is important for you, the customer, to see whether that promotional gift accurately represents the message you wish to project for your company or event.

 Please follow the guidelines below to create your artwork:

  • Save photographic images in TIFF format. These should be at a resolution of at least 300 dpi at final size.
  • Save Perform a visual check of the quality of the generated image. You should be able to zoom in to about 300% without the image becoming noticeably blurred or pixilated. If the image does appear pixilated at this zoom, then try going back to the original image and checking that it complies with the recommended format and settings
  • Due to the vast number of different fonts, all fonts used must be embedded or outlined before sending us the final artwork. Failure to do this could result in an alternative style being used automatically.
  •  We cannot be held responsible for any miss-match of colours where references have not been supplied. All files supplied should be in CMYK format
  •  If you are supplying a layered Photoshop file, please ensure all text layers are
  •  Please export any files as .eps format, also ensure text is outlined flattened or font has been supplied